Associated Students, Inc.

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University Union (65), Room 212
Phone: 805.756.1281

Mission Statement

The mission of Associated Students, Inc. is to enrich the quality of student life and to complement the educational mission of Cal Poly through shared governance, student employment, student advocacy and a broad spectrum of programming, services and opportunities for leadership and social interaction.

Vision Statement

Associated Students, Inc. will be every student’s connection to the ultimate college experience.

ASI Student Government

University Union (65), Room 202
Phone: 805.756.1291

Leadership opportunities are open to all interested students. This includes the elected College Council representatives who form the Board of Directors, appointed positions on the University Union Advisory Board and the ASI Executive Cabinet. ASI student leaders represent the student body on campus, in the community and on regional committees.

Three student officers guide the organization: the ASI President, Chair of the Board, and Chair of the University Union Advisory Board. These officers and the Board of Directors are elected in spring quarter and are the recognized representatives of Cal Poly students. The ASI Chief of Staff is an appointed leader who guides the ASI Executive Cabinet in supporting the goals of the ASI President.

The Board of Directors oversees the policy development of ASI, a $14 million nonprofit corporation. ASI collects quarterly fees, commercial revenue and grants which support a wide range of campus clubs, organizations and student programs and services.

Programs and Services of ASI

The University establishes an operating agreement with ASI to manage many university facilities, including the Julian A. McPhee University Union, Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center, Cal Poly Recreation Center and Cal Poly Sports Complex.

ASI Business Office

University Union (65), Room 212
Phone: 805.756.1281

The ASI Business Office provides internal business services to all ASI programs and services including administrative support, fiscal services, human resources, project management and information technology.

Julian A. McPhee University Union (UU)

The University Union is a central place for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests to meet, relax and exchange ideas. Facilities include the UU Plaza, UU Epicenter, student lounges, ASI Events, ASI Craft Center, Mustang Lanes, Ciao!, Red Radish, Starbucks, Yogurt Creations, Multicultural Center, Gender Equity Center, Center for Leadership and Service, Cross Cultural Centers, Fraternity and Sorority Life, SAFER, Pride Center, ASI Student Government and Chumash Auditorium.

UU Epicenter

University Union (65), Room 203
Phone: 805.756.5807

The UU Epicenter is a one-stop shop for "Events, Programs, Ideas, and Clubs.” Students can obtain information, materials and resources on the following ASI programs and services: ASI Events, ASI Craft Center, Facility Reservations, Event Management, Audio Visual services, Public Relations and Marketing, ASI Graphics, Cal Poly Clubs, Cal Poly Sport Clubs, Independent Student Organizations and UU Building Services.

ASI Events

University Union (65), Room 203
Phone: 805.756.1112

ASI Events provides on-campus entertainment programming in a variety of areas including live performances, concerts, films, comedians, guest speakers, multicultural activities and special events. ASI Events also offers alternative late- night programming such as casino nights and laser tag that are geared to on-campus residents.

ASI Craft Center

University Union (65), Room 111
Phone: 805.756.1266

The ASI Craft Center offers a wide variety of fun, non-academic craft classes and workshops such as ceramics, surfboard-shaping, skateboard deck-building, stained glass, baseball bat-making, a bike repair room, woodworking power tools, glass, silver and bronze jewelry-making lab, poster- making tables with pens and paper, and a retail store.

Poly Escapes

Cal Poly Recreation Center (43)
Phone: 805.756.1287

Break away from your day-to-day life and get ready for life-changing adventures with Poly Escapes. Meet new friends and share incredible experiences on student-led outdoor trips or at the Climbing Park.  The Poly Escapes Outdoor Adventure Program conducts 25-30 low-cost student- led trips per quarter, open to all students, with no experience necessary. Trips include kayaking, surfing, backpacking, camping, caving, rock climbing, and hiking.  The Climbing Park has a 40-foot- high climbing wall and a 13-foot- high boulder for drop-in climbing.  
Poly Escapes Outdoor Equipment Center offers low- cost rental equipment for camping and backpacking, as well as kayaks, standup paddle boards, surfboards, and more.  

Cal Poly Rose Float

University Union (65), Room 111F
Phone: 805.756.1268

One of the most exciting activities on the Cal Poly campus is building the annual Rose Parade float. Since 1949, teams of Cal Poly students from the San Luis Obispo and Pomona campuses have produced floats annually. For more than 65 consecutive years, students from all academic majors have enjoyed the thrill of watching a float they designed, built and decorated make its way down Colorado Boulevard on New Year’s Day in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Not only is the Cal Poly float a one-of-a-kind venture for student volunteers, it is also an opportunity for participants to develop new innovations such as computer-controlled animation, and hydraulic systems for movement.

ASI Children's Programs

Orfalea Family and ASI Children's Center (133)
Phone: 805.756.1267

The Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center is a nationally accredited program providing quality early care and education services to children 4 months to 6 years. Student parents are given first priority for enrollment. Subsidized childcare is available for low-income student parents.

The ASI Children’s Programs’ philosophy is based on the belief that young children thrive in an environment that promotes understanding of themselves, others and the world around them. Teachers focus on facilitating children’s development in the social-emotional, cognitive and physical domains. Activities are designed to meet the children’s individual and age-appropriate needs. With the understanding that children learn through play, caregivers encourage them to explore, discover and have fun. Emphasis is placed on teaching children how to problem-solve and make appropriate choices, while learning to interact within a group setting.

ASI Recreational Sports

Cal Poly Recreation Center (43)
Phone: 805.756.1366 (Main); 805.756.PLAY (Hotline)

ASI Recreational Sports provides opportunities for the campus community to participate in a variety of fitness and recreational activities. Registered Cal Poly students, eligible faculty and staff members and their spouse/domestic partners, and retired faculty can use the Recreation Center, which is open seven days a week. ASI’s Recreational Sports Program employs more than 200 students each year.

Cal Poly Recreation Center

The Cal Poly Recreation Center is 165,000 square feet of recreational space with state-of-the-art weight and cardiovascular equipment, three fitness studios for group exercise classes, an indoor track, a lounge area, an Olympic-sized lap pool and a leisure pool, sand volleyball courts, racquetball courts, a squash court, a rock climbing park, basketball courts, and a multi-activity center.

Recreational Sports Programs

Aquatics classes are for all levels of swimmers, from beginning to masters. Scuba courses and stroke and techniques clinics are just a few of the classes offered.

Personal Training provides the opportunity to get fit with nationally certified personal trainers in a fun, safe environment. Individuals learn how to work out and use equipment properly from personal trainers who provide personalized attention for each client.

Group Exercise offers up to 80 fitness classes per week including breakaway indoor cycling, Zumba, multiple forms of yoga, Pilates, BodyCombat, BodyPump, Barre Connect, and more.

Fitness and Specialized Class programs are designed for individuals to acquire new skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Classes include, belly dancing, TRX, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Shorin Ryu Karate, and more.

Informal Recreation provides non-structured opportunities to participate in a variety of activities such as swimming, cardiovascular exercise, free weight and weight machines, basketball, volleyball and racquetball.

Intramural Sports provides a variety of structured sports leagues and tournaments in a safe, recreational competitive environment. The program is open to all Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and alumni who are current members of the Recreation Center.  Popular sports include: basketball, flag football, soccer, softball and volleyball.

Intramural Tournaments are available year-round for participants to engage in non-traditional sports and activities such as table tennis, badminton, dodge ball, and squash.