Cross Disciplinary Studies Minor in Data Science

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CSC/CPE 101Fundamentals of Computer Science I4
CSC/CPE 102Fundamentals of Computer Science II4
CSC/CPE 103Fundamentals of Computer Science III4
CSC 348Discrete Structures4
or MATH 248 Methods of Proof in Mathematics
CSC/CPE 349Design and Analysis of Algorithms4
CSC/CPE 365Introduction to Database Systems4
CSC/CPE 369Introduction to Distributed Computing4
CSC/CPE 466Knowledge Discovery from Data4
DATA 301Introduction to Data Science4
DATA 401Data Science4
DATA 451Data Science Capstone I2
DATA 452Data Science Capstone II2
MATH 143Calculus III4
MATH 206Linear Algebra I4
or MATH 244 Linear Analysis I
STAT 302Statistics II4
or STAT 312 Statistical Methods for Engineers
STAT 305Introduction to Probability and Simulation4
STAT 324Applied Regression Analysis4
STAT 331Statistical Computing with R4
STAT 419Applied Multivariate Statistics4
Technical Electives (CSC/STAT/DATA)8
Total units80

Note that the large number of units includes units that count towards each target program's major as mapped by the supporting documents attached to this proposal.