Student Academic Services

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Hillcrest, Building 81
Phone: 805.756.2301

Student Academic Services (SAS) offers comprehensive programs that directly support academic excellence. Program services include academic and personal advising, admissions and transition services, new student first-year seminars, supplemental workshops and study group assistance. Advising services are focused on students from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented in the California State University System. Academic advisors work with each of the academic colleges to provide academic and personal advising assistance to students with class scheduling, assessment of academic skills, graduation planning, career clarification and related learning and study skills.

The goal of SAS is to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to achieve academic success and graduation. Student Academic Services incorporates the following:

Academic Skills Center

Kennedy Library (35), Room 112
Phone: 805.756.1256

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) offers academic enrichment programs (Supplemental Workshops and Study Session) for key content courses in first- and second-year curricula. The goal of Supplemental Workshops and Study Session is to provide a peer-to-peer collaborative learning environment in key content courses whereby students are empowered and encouraged to achieve a deeper sense of learning. Additionally, the ASC provides students with an on-line study skills library and tutor referral resources.

Connections for Academic Success

Bldg 52, Room E23
Phone: 805.756.6774

The Connections for Academic Success (CAS) program provides support services to CAS program participants and the University Partners Program, as well as outreach to affinity clubs and organizations in support of transition and retention. CAS was originally established via a joint venture between the University and Cal Poly’s student government, ASI (Associated Students, Incorporated). The program offers services to help students plan and achieve their academic and personal goals.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Hillcrest, Building 81
Phone: 805.756.2301

EOP provides admissions and academic support programs for low-income, historically disadvantaged students. EOP offers academic and personal advising, study sessions, academic orientation courses, career and post-graduate advising, and referrals to campus resources.

Educational Talent Search

Hillcrest, Building 81
Phone: 805.756.2301

Cal Poly Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally funded TRIO program that serves low-income and/or potential first-generation students in grades 7 through 12 in local targeted area schools. The goal of ETS is to assist students to graduate from high school and enter college. ETS offers interactive school site workshops and informational sessions led by program staff, University field trips, parent information workshops and pre-college advising focused on college entrance requirements and financial aid.

Student Support Services

Student Services Bldg (124), Room 119
Phone: 805.756.1395

Student Support Services program, a federally funded TRIO program of the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to assist program participants (low-income, first-generation or disabled college students) with enhancing their academic skills, increasing their retention and graduation rates, and promoting graduate and professional school programs.

Summer Institute

Hillcrest, Building 81
Phone: 805.756.2301

Summer Institute (SI) is an academic orientation program held annually for newly-admitted EOP freshmen. Selected SI students have the opportunity to participate in a mini-academic quarter residential program focused on helping to make a successful transition from high school to Cal Poly.

Upward Bound

Hillcrest, Building 81
Phone: 805.756.2301

Upward Bound (UB) is a federally funded TRIO program which provides a college preparatory program for low-income and/or potential first-generation college students. This program motivates and academically prepares local target area high school students for college. The academic program and residential summer school session at Cal Poly offer tutoring, career advising and supplemental instruction, as well as cultural and recreational activities.