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Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)

Campus Health & Wellbeing cultivates student success through timely holistic care and the promotion of lasting wellness. The goal of Campus Health & Wellbeing is to support holistic wellbeing of all students attending Cal Poly. A variety of services are offered for students including ambulatory health care, laboratory testing, onsite x-rays, prescription medications, individual and group mental health counseling, health education programs, and wellbeing resources (financial, career, social, community, and physical/mental health). Campus Health & Wellbeing assists students by minimizing class time lost due to illness, injury, or personal problems. An After-Hours Nurse Advice Line and a Psychological Crisis Line are available at no cost when the Student Health Center is closed.  Students may reach the After-Hours Nurse Advice Line by calling the regular Health Center’s phone number (805.756.1211). The Psychological Crisis Line may be accessed by calling the regular Counseling Services phone number (805.756.2511).

Health Services

Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)
Phone: 805.756.1211

The following services are available to all students as part of the Health Services Fee:

  • Outpatient medical services are available, year-round, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and include primary care and nursing services, men’s/women's health care, laboratory testing and routine x-ray procedures.
  • Additional medical services are available at a low cost: prescriptions, over-the-counter items, outside lab tests, immunizations, and orthopedic supplies.

Health Education

Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)
Phone: (805) 756-6181

Health Education (PULSE) offers four programs:

  • Educational Resources On Sexuality (EROS)
  • Thoughtful Lifestyle Choices (TLC)
  • Health Enrichment Action Team (HEAT)
  • Reach-Out, Empower, Accept, Listen (REAL).

These are provided by staff professionals and students trained and certified as peer health educators. Programs include nutrition counseling, alcohol and drug awareness, sexuality and lifestyle wellness, and emotional and mental health issues.

Campus Wellbeing

Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)
Phone: (805) 756-5454

Campus Wellbeing collaborates with campus and community partners on programs to help students achieve a balanced life and become successful in their personal and professional endeavors.

Counseling Services

Student Health Center (Bldg. 27)
Phone: 805.756.2511

Counseling Services offers individual and group counseling, psychiatry, crisis intervention, education and outreach, and internship training. Counselors are available to assist with the normal adjustments of academic and social life; personal issues such as confidence and self-esteem, stress management, body image and sexuality; as well as more serious personal concerns such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse.